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Association AGM Chairmans Report

(February 25, 2012)

Wessex BBA

Chairman’s report 25th February 2012


My apologies firstly  to all member bands for being unable to attend the 2012 AGM of the association. I thank Chris Davis (vice chair), for taking the meeting in my place.


Fortunately I have not had to miss many meetings over the past 27 years. Trish and I have tried to fit a winter break in between all of the various contests that Woodfalls are involved in during the early part of the year and this was the only window available to us.  We shall of course be checking out the quality of brass musicians in Cuba.


The year has been an encouraging one for the association. The winter festival was well attended with some new bands from outside the association, coming to play at the festival. We thank them for taking part and hope to see them again this year.  It would be good to encourage some of our own bands back after a few years absence to make it a really bumper day.  


The format of the festival seems to have settled down and be accepted, with a good varied choice of music in 2011. From an audience point of view this format makes it a much more enjoyable and exciting occasion.  The job of adjudicating in this format however, is an exacting one in order to get the  placings right from top to bottom and is indeed a very good test of an adjudicators’ merits. aural skills  and organisational ability. I am not aware of any other festival that uses such an interesting format.


Thankfully due to some serious negotiation on the price of the Weymouth Pavilion, we were able to make a small profit from the event and our thanks must go to Mike and Lesley Knapton for their continued hard work to sustain the association, despite being part time francophiles in retirement.


I would like to congratulate Chris Davis on his appointment as associate conductor of Brighouse and Rastrick and I am sure that we all wish him well in this exciting venture for him and thank him for his valuable musical expertise and input of time into the association and the CWEBBA over the past few years.


The committee continues to work hard for the benefit of all association bands and it would be good to get back to the packed association meeting days of 30 years ago when each band appointed a Wessex representative to attend meetings- just a thought!!!


The youth and training band festival held last month seems to be going from strength to strength with some marked improvement in standards of all bands from 3 years ago and some very interesting programmes. We are in discussions with the various bands regarding adding extra sections to the festival such as a 10 piece section for those smaller youth ensembles and also the possibility of extending it to Sunday to include solo, duet and quartet sections to further improve individual standards. Our thanks go out again to the Royal Marines Music Service for their continued sponsorship of the event and Lt Col Nick Grace’s excellent services as adjudicator for the day.


We have proposed a summer entertainment festival this year, to be held in June. I hope that the association bands will come to play and bring their families for an extended picnic and enjoyable family music day (weather permitting).


The committee is always open to suggestions for new events in order to continue the push to make the WBBA bands, the best in the West of England


I am available to continue as Chairman should the association still wish for me to take on the position again during the election of officers and look forward to the next meeting.

Wishing  everyone a successful  and healthy 2012.


Steve Chislett

Cert.Ed., LLCM (TD),  CFP.

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